Turning Page farm brewery

Turning the Page in the next chapter of our lives is all about following our passions.  For Joy this was goats and artisan cheese, for Tim it was all about beer.  Our farm has developed into a place where we do what we love.  Living our intentions.

Tim’s extensive experience as a beer connoisseur (avid beer drinker) led to an interest in brewing during our 8 years in Munich Germany.  Living in Bavaria provided ample opportunity to drink the rich lager beers that make Munich famous but variety was lacking.  He found mentors and a peer group that offered a chance to explore and create other types of beer as well.  This period also offered the opportunity to step into the commercial brewing world as an occasional guest brewer at Richelbrau.

Our hope is to bring small batch freshness to our beers and small town charm to our tasting room.

Life in Munich was centered on beer gardens and the leisurely pace of life sitting under shade trees or tents eating pretzels and cheese while sampling local beers. Our hope is to bring a piece of that to you when you visit our farm.


Red Ale pic.JPG

Red Ale - 5.6% ABV

This is the very first beer in the Turning Page Farm rotation. Red color with a malt forward character, this well balanced, easy drinking ale can be enjoyed in any season.

Pale Ale pic.JPG

Pale ale - 5.8% ABV

TPF's entry into the American Pale Ale style. A light colored, hazy, unfiltered ale with a citrus-floral aroma and just the right amount of bitterness.