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guernsey goats

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Guernsey goats have been used in award winning cheese making for years in the UK, due to the sweetness of their milk which produces high yields of unique tasting cheeses. Their small frame and silent, docile nature make them a perfect breed for new homesteaders
— Joy


about guernsey goats

I fell in love with the Guernsey goat while vacationing in the UK. I had spent years dreaming about farming when I saw no path forward to make this dream a reality.  I was just planning and reading any book on goats I could get my hands on, and in UK these books always included the Guernsey breed.  When we did get our farm in the forest of central Maine in April of 2016 I was determined to start our dairy of with this rare breed.  I quickly realized that there was only 1 buck and zero does ( that I could find) in the entire state of Maine.   It took some time and effort but I was able to piece together a herd of registered Guernsey goats including two bucks.

I have to be honest my does are pampered and loved.  I have the time to spend giving them ear rubs, hugs, grain and high quality hay.  I love this breed- they are quiet and docile.  They are not miniature but on the smaller side of standard for US dairy breeds. They are the picture of contentment and bring me endless Joy, and that is before I even start to talk about my passion for producing farmstead goat cheeses.

Guernsey Goats, Verandas Sugar HB2

Guernsey Goats, Verandas Sugar HB2

BGS registered Rubicon

BGS registered Rubicon


goat school

My goal is to educate those who are interested in dairy goats that this breed is a great option for first time goat owners and the small scale homestead.  Which is why we run Goat School®! 

Goat School® is a 2-day course that focuses on everything you need to know for a successful first year with goats. You will also learn how to prepare prior to bringing your goats home, and key things to look for at your seller's site to ensure you are getting the right goat for your farm. You will graduate with confidence to handle your first year of owning dairy goats including feeding, kidding, vaccinations, and of course a hands-on lesson in milking and hoof trimming.  



The girls are all pregnant and starting to show. Kidding will start at the end of April or early May. We have to wait for the snow to start melting before the weather is right to ensure happy and health kids.

This year we have 3 does who are registered with the British Goat Society all confirmed pregnant with our BG bucks. 

You can get in touch via email me or connect with us on Facebook.



support the goats

Many of you have asked how you can support us as we rebuild our farm.  One way to do this is to donate to our goat fund. We are lucky to have found some British Guernsey goats to rebuild our small herd.

Due to rare breed our goats cost between $450-500/ each.

We are grateful for any support.


Turning Page Farm - Jura- For sale Spring 2018

Turning Page Farm - Jura- For sale Spring 2018