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artisanal • handmade • home-raised

At Turning Page Farm, we lovingly make, raise and grow natural, artisanal produce. Our products currently include goats cheese, goat milk soaps & salad dressing. We also raise and sell Guernsey goats & heritage breed Tamworth pigs.

goat cheeses
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chevre • feta

My passion for cheese was fueled during the seven years we spent living in Europe for our corporate careers. We loved to travel and visit new countries and a day of sightseeing often ended with us nibbling on a plate of local specialty cheese. Not only did we create many happy memories that infused all our senses but we gained clarity on the cheeses I wanted to produce on our own goat farm. I could never have imagined that our move to Europe would lead to us living this dream life owning our own goat dairy in the forests of central Maine. 

Feta- Rosemary, Garlic and Basil

Feta- Rosemary, Garlic and Basil





You can purchase our cheeses from the following locations:


GOAT milk soaps

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natural • nourishing • luxurious

Our goat milk soap is the perfect combination of simple and luxurious. We do not add any artificial colors or artificial fragrances to our bars.  We developed a formula that has a luxurious lasting lather that is also optimized into leave your skin feeling silky smooth.  Our soaps are scented with only essential oils which are all natural and plant based, which give them a mild scent that will not overpower or smell artificial.  Our soaps are also cured for a minimum of 6 weeks which ensures we have the best quality hard bars that will last. 



You can purchase our soaps from our online shop, or the following locations:


heritage pork

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Forest Raised Heritage Pork

At Turning Page Farm we raise heritage breed pigs that spend their lives in the lush forest of our farm in Central Maine.  A pig’s normal habitat is the forest rooting up snacks found in the rich soil.  On Turning Page Farm we optimize our pig’s environment by moving them to the fresh forest every few weeks to ensure they have plenty of space and vegetation to keep their noses in the ground and living as they were intended.  The heritage breeds are especially suited since they still retain genetics and natural rooting instincts inherent in pigs.  In the last few weeks of their lives, we supplement their feed with as many apples as we can supply. 

Our desire is to provide a sweet tasting pork that reflects the high quality of life provided on the farm. This philosophy leads to happy pigs, seen in their healthy build and the way they romp and play among the trees.

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tamworth: heritage breed for optimal taste

Tamworth meat is robust and gutsy and is the leanest of the heritage pork breeds, making it an excellent source of bacon and jowl.  Despite its presence on the threatened species list, the Tamworth is a hearty, strong, resilient animal – making it an excellent candidate for the growing urban farm movement around the United States.

~Heritage Foods USA

“The heritage breeds have more characteristics and flavorful fat,” says Cypress Chef Craig Deihl, an avid butcher and charcuterie artisan. “If you start with a better product, you’ll end up with a better product. And that goes for any cooking process.”

The taste difference of Tamworth meat is not simply something that only producers talk about. Chefs from some of America’s finer restaurants have noticed the difference and are featuring Tamworth pork on their menus.

~ Hobby Farms


how it works

A side of pork will provide your family between 75-100 lbs of the richest tasting pork. This image gives you an idea of what you can expect. You will need to clear up freezer space for approximately 15 loaves of bread.

A side of pork will provide your family between 75-100 lbs of the richest tasting pork. This image gives you an idea of what you can expect. You will need to clear up freezer space for approximately 15 loaves of bread.

Our processor is USDA certified.  Herring Brothers is located in Guilford ME, which means our pigs only travel 10 stress-free miles down the road to processing.

You can decide the cuts and if you want them smoked (our processor does the smoking for you). Customized packages are available and easily arrange directly with our processor.


  • Deposit: $100

  • Pork price: $7.00/ lb (hanging weight) due prior to pick up at processor

  • Additional cost may be incurred if you choose to have cuts cured/smoked/links which you can arrange directly with the processor.

  • Assume a side of pork will be around 75- 100 lbs hanging weight.